John Henden

A Solution Focused Approach to Severe Trauma & Stress Recovery Workshop

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Many mental health workers steer clear of taking on clients/patients who have been the victims of severe trauma and/or stress. There are three main reasons for this:

- Fear around “making the person worse”;
- Fear of vicarious traumatisation; and,
- Belief that there are “experts out there” who should see such victims.

This workshop will both be affirming and enable participants to increase their confidence about taking on the whole range of severe trauma survivors. Yvonne Dolan’s model of victim-survivor-thriver (living life well) is followed closely, as the workshop unfolds

The various techniques of the solution focused approach for this client group have been field-tested successfully over many years; and, indeed, a sizeable number are evidence-based. These techniques have proved effective and transferable across many experience areas, which include: sudden death, mass shootings, terrorist incidents, military combat, road traffic collisions, rape, adult survivors of child abuse and near-death experiences.

There will be ample information about how workers can be most helpful to victims and the most effective questions to ask. Information will be provided on what clients have said they found most helpful; and, what workers can do to protect themselves from vicarious traumatisation, as the work progresses.

This is not a workshop about theoretical considerations and awareness: it is a how-to-do.

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