Joel Thomas

Joel Runs the Revenant to Raise Funds for Life Matters Trust Suicide Prevention

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Racing the Revenant to raise funds for Life Matters Trust.

Life Matters Trust is dedicated to one of the most important missions: suicide prevention. Aotearoa/New Zealand has the highest youth suicide rate in the OECD and has had the highest number of suicides in the previous year since recording began. However, prevention is possible as a community working together, and Life Matters is founded on a grassroots philosophy and action.

As a charitable Trust, Life Matters needs YOUR support. Therefore, Joel will be running The Revenant, 200km in length & 16,000m-ish of climbing in Southlands Garvie Mountains in a bid to raise funds for Life Matters and suicide prevention. More race information here

Joel is a seasoned ultra runner, but has never attempted anything this difficult before. With a cutoff time of 60hrs, this race is so difficult that failure is the likely outcome for most competitors. This will be his first fundraising race, to make it truly worthwhile.

Life Matters Suicide Prevention Trust

Creating an awareness in the community about suicide prevention, postvention support and bereavement support. Providing education, knowledge