Ashton Duerden

Let's get people talking!!!


My Name is Ashton Duerden i am originally from the UK but moved to Christchurch, NZ in 2017.

Mental Health and Suicide is something that is a global issue and everyone is affected by them one way or another. My goal in life is to spread awareness and show that there is always someone there to talk.

I myself have dealt with Mental Health as well as my Family, it has been something that we have struggled with for a long time and still to this day but we have always had each other there to talk to. Some people do not have this around them, which makes it harder for people to cope, this is why we have to let everyone know that there is always someone there to listen.

I feel every week i am hearing the tragic news of someone committing suicide whether it was due to Bullying, their own demons or just cant cope with life pressures. This is not ok and i want to help make a difference to this.

To get the ball rolling i would like to auction off some of my things that i no longer need and then i will be bumping up my training to take part in an ultra running race or something alike to continue my fundraising for what i feel is one of the worlds biggest problems.

I Have chosen Life matters Suicide Prevention Trust as i am inspired by the work they do and want to help them make a difference within in New Zealand. Please help me help them and give as much as you can spare to support New Zealand.

Ashton Duerden's involvement (page creator)

This is something that is close to my heart and i want to help prevent and spread awareness that there is always someone there to talk or listen.