Sacha L'Estrange

My Te Araroa Walk


I would like to raise money to help young New Zealanders who are struggling with suicide. And families who may have experienced loss.

In the search to find myself after a tragedy I couldnt avoid I found some peace. While travelling overseas, at the age of 19, I met a very special person. She was transgender though that meant nothing towards how I felt. We were like kindred spirits and we spent months getting to know each other.  

It wasn't long before I began to feel sacred in the way she was acting. It's hard to explain but something just didn't feel right.

Little did I know that not long after one of the hardest moments in my life would happen. She took her own life.

It is now many years on and is something that I have struggled greatly with. I have since had feelings of taking my own life. I have recently found that it is her death that helped me understand some meaning of life. We all need to support each other and help through hard times.

Nz has a very high suicide rate. I never knew about who I could call for support with my loss alongside my own feelings.

I don't want any other young person, or anyone at any age, to have to go through what I did. I have decided to walk the length of the North Island, on the Te Araroa trail to raise money and get help for struggling young New Zealanders.

Sacha L'Estrange's involvement (page creator)

Having had trouble dealing with depression and self-harm myself in the past, I want to help young New Zealanders who may also be struggling.