Stay Bold-Dee 2020 / Suicide Prevention


Suicide prevention is everyone's business. I am shaving my hair today (31 Dec) for the 3rd time for a cause, previously for Cancer and Depression Charities (having loved ones affected by them). I am supportive towards PREVENTION.
Being there for our Loved Ones is sometimes the very best we can do for them. The challenge this time is not the shave itself but to stay bald in 2020. Please help me help the work of Life Matters Suicide Prevention Trust by raising funds to assist my cause towards their wonderful work.  Please click "Give Now" to donate. Please share this link amongst friends and families. Thank you in advance for your generosity, big or small, it will mean more than anyone will ever know to those that need it.

On Repeat - Suicide Prevention is everyone's business 🌻💛🕊