Shane Holmes

Suicide awareness - ultra marathon


In March next year I will be ticking off a massive thing on my bucket list by running the surf to Firth 60km ultra marathon. This is classed as one of the hardest trail runs in New Zealand with some massive climbs. In doing this I've decided to start a give a little page and raise some money for a cause that's really close to me. Life matters is a organisation that is aiming to get New Zealand suicide free in the healthcare system. This is a huge ask so they need all the help they can get. In 2017/18, 668 people died by suicide in our country, almost double the number of those who die by car accidents, More than 12 people die every week by suicide, that is 1-2 people every day.

685 people took their own lives this year - 17 more than the previous year. They say for every one suicide - 100 people are affected. That's horrible for our small country.

So please share this around and help me get my target for something that affects a lot of us. Every little bit counts