Bereavement Group

This is a group for people bereaved by suicide. It is taken by trained facilitators and supported by the Life Matters Suicide Prevention Trust. The meetings take place every first Tuesday of the month (except for January) at 5.30pm to 7pm in the Alexander MacMillan room, Dunedin Community House in Dunedin. It is a friendly coffee group atmosphere.

If you would like to join the group, please contact us.

Online Bereavement Group

If you would like to join our online Life Matters Suicide Bereavement Support which provides peer support, please contact us via our Facebook page

Group Protocols as decided by participants

ü  Allow space for everyone to participate at their own pace.

ü  Aroha & Awhi – gentle support. Let people be when they need to be.

ü  Acceptance of opinions in a non-judgemental manner

ü  Awareness of discussion topic and the person that is sharing

ü  Be mindful of questioning

ü  Everyone can pass, you do not need to answer

ü  Confidentiality – take the learning but not the stories. What is said in here stays here.

ü  We all hold a mutual responsibility for upholding a safe environment

ü  Relaxed atmosphere (tea/coffee available)

ü  Phones are on mute


If you are currently in crisis, contact Lifeline
0800 543 354