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Annual Street Appeal Day (July 30)

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🙏 We need YOU to help us please. 🙏

We are looking for volunteers like you to help us shake collection buckets during our Annual Street Appeal in Dunedin and Mosgiel on Friday 30 July 2021, 8am to 6pm.  Yes, plenty of warning so please add to your diaries now.


Collectors would be based at more than 20 sites around Dunedin and Mosgiel.

If you wish to help us and join our amazing team of volunteers on that day, we would be so happy. Volunteering for our cause would help many people access the care they need. However, the street appeal is more than just a fundraiser for the trust. The appeal allows us to connect with the general public and helps us to raise our profile in the community and making the public more aware of the work we do.


This is our 4th year of doing the street appeal and each year it gets bigger and better. We just love our fantastic volunteers who turn up year after year to donate an hour or two of their time. Some even donate a whole day which we really appreciate. It's a fun way for kiwis to join in the mental health conversation, while raising money to provide support to others.

We will have 2 hour time slots available but if you can only do 1 hour please let us know and if you can do a whole day or half day that would be bloody marvelous. We need a lot of people to make this work. We also need runners for the day to help with banking and go to spots where people didn't make it in time etc.

You will get to meet wonderful like minded people on the day and find that volunteering is a rewarding experience. Many new friendships are formed on our collection days.

To sign up and shake our buckets at one of the collection sites, click here. Feel free to sign up with a friend to double-up on the fun.

We do not receive any government funding so the trust needs to raise extra funds to help with our peer support programmes, therapy, support groups, suicide prevention workshops, education, administration and help us pay the rent at the Hope Centre. Why do we need a Hope Centre? To have a base where we can provide peer support.  Life Matters now support people nationwide so need extra funds for our resources like pamphlets and support material.

Sign up here to volunteer and also join our volunteer page

So, to quote Gandhi, “be the change you want to see in the world.”

Get Involved!
By working together, we can achieve zero suicide in our country. Here at Life Matters, our motto is “Together, we are UNSTOPPABLE.” We could not do what we are doing without the strength, quality,  work and passion of our volunteers.

If you would like to be part of this incredible group of people or be part of the change, please contact us or join our Facebook group.


IF YOU CANNOT VOLUNTEER ON THE DAY THEN PLEASE FEEL FREE TO DONATE HERE or drop a gold coin on the day into our buckets.

If you do not live in Dunedin and want to fundraise for us elsewhere please contact us as we will welcome that. Last year we had collections all the way to Auckland and also in many workplaces.

Looking forward to meet you all.

Keep an eye out for our friendly street collectors in Dunedin on Friday 30 July. If you don't see us on the streets, you can donate online!