Chris Taylor

Climbing my own Everest


Make a difference - help Life Matters tackle one of the biggest causes of death in New Zealand.

To most people, I’m the slightly mad Englishman-turned-Kiwi who does endurance events. I do love them and the massive high they create.

But that’s followed by a massive low, which I rarely talk about. It hasn’t lasted long but it’s enough to know how difficult living with depression is. My cousin lived with it for many years and recently died by suicide.

I want to do something to help. So this March, I’m climbing my own Everest. That means running/hiking 31,000 vertical metres - equal to climbing Everest 3.5 times. There won’t be snow and ice, but there will be my job and family to fit in around about three hours of climbing, every single day.

I’m raising money for Life Matters, a local charity dedicated to preventing suicide in the health care system. It’s a big mountain to climb - every week, more than 12 Kiwis die by suicide. That’s almost double those killed in car accidents. Let’s get going, and help Life Matters save lives.

About me

I settled in New Zealand with my half-Kiwi family after growing up in England and living in a few other parts of the world. I love living in Dunedin for many reasons, including the amazing outdoors where I hike, fish, hunt and explore. I’m a real estate agent by day, a chef by trade and the first one to bed in my house. But I’m the first one up each morning - you can’t beat a sunrise.

Use of funds

The funds will go to Life Matters, a charity dedicated to preventing suicide. Their goal is to have zero suicide in the health care system. They advocate for response and treatment for people who need it, before it’s too late. They provide community support and education to raise awareness and prevent stigma. They also run the Hope Centre in Dunedin, providing immediate support for people in distress or experiencing suicidal thoughts.

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