Katia Coelho

Let's Shave My Head


Hello everyone,

Yesterday was suicide prevention day. As many of you may already know this and mental health are social issues which i hold very near and dear to my heart. A couple of years ago on this very date I lost one of my dearest childhood friends. Suicide is not something I take lightly and I really want to emphasise the importance of everyones mental health and lives through this fundraiser.

So in honour of my Childhood friend on Friday the 20th of November 2020 I will be shaving my head completely in support of the three organisations below, and donating my hair if it is long enough to the cancer foundation.

I wanted to raise money for these three organisations in particular:

Lifeline NZ

Gumboot Friday (I AM HOPE)


Looking out for everyone in our community is a hard and important job but it is one we must do as members of the community. I want to offer my support by donating to these organisations and to raise awareness by shaving my head. Although almost everyone in my life does not want me to shave my head they support my decision as they know my very close friend would have been all for it, that is why I chose to shave my head for this fundraiser.