Unalome Bears Fundraiser


Unalome Bears is a locally owned small business in Christchurch. They are going to be giving some of their profits to our Trust until the end of the year. Here's what they said to us:

"Our business is driven hugely by the mental health crisis in New Zealand, our mission is to help people feel less alone in their mental health journey and provide a means of comfort through our handmade teddy bears (@unalomebears on instagram). Last year, we worked with The Mental Health Foundation to spread awareness and reduce the stigma of mental health. This year we were interested in working with Life Matters, we believe in what you do and we want to help! We would love to donate 15-20% of our end of year profits to this charity and give gratitude for the hard work this charity does for Aotearoa, especially through the tough times of covid-19 we need to all come together and support each other through this".

Thank you Unalome Bears for your support!