We're dedicated to reaching our goal of zero suicide in the health care system.

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Mental Health Inquiry

Our family begged the services for help yet our grave concerns were dismissed and ignored...

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The Stats

In 2018/19, 685 people died by suicide in our country, almost double the number of those who die by car accidents.

More than 12 people die every week by suicide in New Zealand. That is 1-2 people every day.

NZ topped the global teen suicide ranking, a UNICEF report reveals.

For every person who dies by suicide more than 100 people are affected.

At Life Matters Suicide Prevention Trust we aim for Zero Suicide in the health care system

Who are we?

Our Aim:
Zero Suicide in the health care system

We’re a group of concerned citizens striving to help members of our community who are at risk of, or affected by, suicide.

We advocate for high-quality identification, response and treatment for the people who need it.

The Mission of the Life Matters Suicide Prevention Trust is to reduce the rate of suicide and suicidal behaviour by:

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  • Promoting suicide prevention strategies
  • Providing community education and support
  • Providing bereavement support
  • Raising awareness
  • Reducing stigma

Hope centre

Hope Centre is a place of hope to visit if you need help navigating Mental Health services or the aftermath of suicide.

It’s a welcome place where we promise to listen to you and to ensure you connect with good support.

3 Albion Place, Dunedin.

Hope Centre


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