Shave for Life Matters

Shave day 22nd April!

We are 5 young people who have all had our own struggles with mental health. When Briar said she wanted to shave her head for a cause we couldn't think of anything better that united us all than doing something for mental health so Life Matters was the perfect charity to raise money for. We all wanted to do something meaningful to help our community, and this is a great opportunity to provide support and awareness for those suffering with mental illness. We are well aware that often people are suffering alone and in silence, so we wanted to do something loud and obvious to help bring mental health into the spot light and get people talking.

Mental illness is invisible, shaved heads aren't.

Spotlight on Georgia:

Georgia, 22 - Dunedin born and raised with big ideas to travel the world someday!

My hair has always been a huge part of my identity. Growing up I had very long hair until January 2019 I went from thigh length to shoulder length hair.

It's no secret that these last couple of years have been stressful for everyone! For myself and my family it's been a crazy ride. None of us could have got through it without each other along with our own individual support teams. The support from neighbors, friends, co workers and medical professionals has been so warming. Throughout this journey with my family I have learnt that support comes in all different shapes and sizes and there should never be shame in asking for it or accepting it if it comes your way.

You can donate at this link: