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There is no doubt that COVID-19 has impacted the mental wellbeing of many people in our community. The crisis has taken lives and livelihoods and plunged people into a downward spiral of mental anguish and hopelessness.  

The Hope Centre in Central Dunedin and is providing immediate in-person support to people in distress or experiencing suicidal thoughts. As people have emerged from the lockdown last year to a new ‘normal’ of financial uncertainty, anxiety, and loss, we have experienced an increase in demand for our support services.

This initial increase post lockdown is only the tip of the iceberg. Former Prime Minister's chief science adviser Sir Peter Gluckman advised the Epidemic Response Committee to expect 10% of the population to develop depression with some who are suicidal, based on other disasters. Anticipated unemployment figures, research, and health professionals point to a ‘tsunami’ of people reaching out for support.

You can keep the doors to the Hope Centre open through your generous donation or sponsorship.

By donating or sponsoring the Hope Centre, you will help save lives. Your generosity will give people the opportunity to receive the support they need such as therapy and advocacy.

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Every life matters.

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Corinda Taylor – Co -General Manager

Clare Curran - Co -General Manager